Looking For Advertising Ideas

Looking For Advertising Ideas

Budget: $501-$1000



Industry / Sector

Marketing & Advertising

Advertising Goals

Lead Generation

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Buyer Name

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Org. Type

Startup Business

Age Targeting

All Ages

Advertising Requirements / Brief

For a full advertising brief, please submit a proposal / contact the seller. 

How It Works

I would like to send a proposal / contact the buyer. Does it cost anything?

Yes. You will need to buy a “Contact Credit”. One credit costs $20. If you are looking to contact multiple buyers and wish to save, then maybe a 12 “Contact Credit” pack ($180) or a 30 “Contact Credit” pack ($400) might suit you better.

Where can I buy / top up "Contact Credits"?

Buy 1 “Contact Credit” – Click Here

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What happens if the buyer does not respond to my proposal?

If the buyer does not respond to your proposal, then we will credit your account with a FREE “Contact Credit”.


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