Answer: Advertrader is a platform where brands / organisations can find advertising / marketing opportunities globally. Advertising sellers can also find potential advertisers using search filters.

Answer: Yes it is FREE for brands / organisations that are finding advertising opportunities. Advertising sellers are charged a small fee when they wish to connect with a buyer.

Answer: Finding advertisers is quick and easy. Click on the “Sell Ad Space” menu link, and choose “Find Buyers”. You will then be able to see all the buyers that are looking for advertising ideas / deals. If you wish to contact the buyer, you will then need to purchase a “Contact Credit”.

Answer: Yes they can. Many media buying agencies use our platform.

Answer: Yes we do. Please choose from the target location to see the full list.

Answer: No. Once you have done a search once, the system will pick up your requirements and will email you when they are met.

Answer: Yes, we have dedicated account managers that can assist you. Please contact us via live chat.