Ways to promote an OnlyFans channel


OnlyFans is among a handful of content sharing platforms that affords creators the opportunity to earn money online, and, by far, one of the most controversial. Based in London, OnlyFans was launched in 2016 and is extremely popular in the adult entertainment industry because the site has, for years, allowed the uploading of every kind of content including pornography. 

Having amassed a following of over 130 million users, the site recently announced that sharing explicit content will be banned from 1 October 2021. Because of its x-rated content, the site is only available on the web, and many creators struggle to extend their reach and grow their audiences. Let’s take a look at ways for users to promote their OnlyFans accounts.

Using popular social media networks

Social media offers many advantages, especially for those who have already established a following. It is highly likely that a portion of your following would want to follow you on OnlyFans as well, and an easy way to raise awareness of this is by posting a link in your bio, on your landing page and by adding the link to content as you create and post it. 

Twitter makes this even easier by allowing you to link your Twitter account directly to your OnlyFans account under the settings option. Once this is done, you can post directly to Twitter each time you create new content on OnlyFans. Your followers will however just get a sneak preview of your post on OnlyFans, with a link to the content. 


Forums are largely categorised by interest, meaning that chances of success are even greater than social media, given that users already share common interests with your chosen type of content. Finding relevant discussion forums and posting a link to your OnlyFans page wins half the battle for you, but you would need to read the rules regarding self-promotion, or you may just end up frustrated.


People love the thought of exclusive and real content, and if you have a personal website or blog, you can use these to your advantage. Advertising your OnlyFans profile on your personal blog or website as a fan club is a wise trick that many popular influencers use. 

And a little virtue signalling won’t hurt either, so be sure to create the impression that they’re missing out if they don’t follow you! Newsletters offer a great way to stay in touch and keep your fan base informed but needn’t be too heavy or overloaded with content that is likely to bore the life out of them. 


Find an OnlyFans creator that you can work with to produce content that can be shared across both your accounts. If the content is in the same niche, it is likely that your partner’s followers will like your content too, and it is bound to grow your audience.

Growing an audience takes time and effort, and finding your niche may be difficult, but don’t give up. There’s money to be made, and employing these tips will lead you in the right direction.

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