Tried and tested advertising techniques


In a highly competitive market that is largely determined by trends, every business faces the challenge of how to make their brand and products stand out from the rest. Digital information overload has resulted in a reduction in the collective attention span, creating a greater demand for shorter videos and higher quality visuals, especially in the advertising world.

With the ever-increasing popularity of real content, more and more advertisers are finding creative ways more related to the psychological appeal of ads that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also engaging to target audiences. Let’s take a look at some of these innovative applications in advertising.

Emotional appeal

This is one of the most persuasive approaches to advertising. People in general love a good, heartwarming story, and ads that evoke emotion create experiences that consumers feel that they can identify with. However, it is not just open and shut, and in order to engage your audience correctly, you’ve first got to understand them.

Bandwagon Advertising

This super-smart method of advertising gives audiences the impression that they’re missing out by creating the idea that everyone else is using a particular product or service. The catch is clearly displayed in an ad in some form of virtue signalling that’s intended to evoke feeling rather than to actually share information. A prime example of this would be Nikes “Just Do It”.


Typography is central to advertising, and fonts have a large influence on how a message is perceived. We have already determined the value of great visuals, so when you’re creating an ad, remember to balance your imagery with a well-matched font that portrays the tone you’re going for.


It is no secret that colours exert a certain amount of influence on human behaviour and decision making. Colours set the tone for your ad, and have the ability to send intense messages without having to use too many words. Every colour has a different connotation and meaning, and bright colours have the power to stop clients from just strolling past.


Less is definitely more. Keeping in mind that consumers prefer a more visual style of storytelling, minimalist ads work a charm at capturing attention and driving engagement. It is about the product after all, and this should ultimately be your focal point. Products ideally should be placed on the front and centre of a neutral background, and using a carousel ad is advantageous in getting more images into one presentation.

Advertising is essential to getting your brand and product noticed, but the key to effective advertising ultimately lies in understanding your target audience and using technological developments and trends to give them what they want to see.

While traditional methods may have worked in the past, the idea of life being simpler, better and faster means that your advertising strategies need to move with the times. This does demand an investment in resources that provide high-quality visuals, and there is no doubt that this investment will positively affect your bottom line.

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