Things to consider when pitching a sports sponsorship opportunity


To some sports is just a game, a talent or a hobby, but fans of the vast variety of athletic options in the world will attest to it being an incredible way of bringing people together from across the globe. It is a completely different world made up of athletes who love competing, and a massive audience who loves watching.

As you read this, you’re probably pondering over an upcoming match or game that you just cannot miss. As with everything else in life, this joy costs, and sporting clubs are constantly seeking ways to supplement or provide for their team of athletes. Sponsorships are a key element when it comes to making up the difference in a financial shortfall for the essentials that a club needs. This may be an upcoming away game, new team jerseys or equipment.  Let’s look at how to write an effective proposal for a sponsorship that can help when these challenges arise.

Use the club letterhead

Although there are many options with regard to the format of the request, professionalism is non-negotiable, and your letter should always be on a club letterhead with a logo. Make sure that it’s addressed in a business-like manner, with the header containing the name and address of the company that it’s being sent to, and include the date. Address it directly to the person involved with sponsorships.

Introduce your organisation

Include basic information about your club including the type of sport, age ranges and expertise levels of your athletes along with your club’s mission. Explain why you need sponsorship and what it will be used for, as well as the benefits of receiving this for your team.

Benefits for the Sponsor

Companies are generally not willing to part with money unless the offer looks attractive and offers some advantage for them. Detail these benefits by explaining what you can offer. This could be in the form of advertising, increasing community involvement or helping in terms of creating a loyal customer base.

Highlight the clubs reach with intentional mention of your supporters or fan base, and mention the club’s involvement in the community. Include added mentions of the sponsor on the club’s social media platforms and newsletters.


The conclusion should be brief, always including a show of gratitude for the sponsors time and a subtle call to action. This is primarily done through the address of the way forward should the sponsor wish to proceed. Your sponsorship request should be signed by the club administrator.

Sponsorship brochures

It is helpful to include a brochure that indicates levels or tiers of sponsorship as well as what the sponsorship includes. This should again be very professional, and each level of sponsorship must be clearly defined and explained.

Provide additional information to reduce any questions that may be raised, and clearly indicate again the goal, purpose and reason. Remember to mention this sponsorship brochure or sheet in your proposal letter, and highlight it in a way that brings the readers attention to it.

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