Menulog and Snoop Dogg (Unforgettable Ads Series)


The use of celebrities in various forms of bandwagon and testimonial advertising is without a doubt an ingenious method of promotion that has consumers hyped enough to rush out in droves in order to get their hands on a particular product. 

This is not a new technique but is rather one that has proven results and is ultimately just recreated to appeal to a specific time, trend and audience. Celebrities have been used to promote almost every imaginable product, and in this article, we take a look at the effect that Snoop Dogg has had on the Menulog brand.

Is Snoop Dogg the perfect brand Ambassador?

According to Menulogs marketing director, Simon Cheng, the answer to this is a resounding yes! Menulog had been stuck in a pigeon hole in certain Australian demographics, and, as a result, struggled to hit the targets that they were hoping for. Thus was born the incredible idea of using Snoop Dogg as a brand ambassador, and with the revamp of the campaign in partnership with people like Anne Gruber and Dylan Alcott, the food delivery service has seen some of its best performing weeks. 

Snoop Dogg was specifically used to broaden the brand’s appeal to audiences of all ages. This idea is nothing short of genius because Snoop has been a household name for Boomers and is still relevant to Gen Z’s and the younger generations of today.

The results speak

The campaign featuring Snoop Dogg was launched in May 2020, perfectly in tandem with the Covid-19 pandemic. Menulog was one of the few companies that benefited from the pandemic in March and April with its food delivery service and was kicked up a notch with the Snoop jingle that soon went viral. The brand, as a result, experienced triple-digit growth in Australia between July and September, while global orders increased by almost 50 million in the same period. 

Repeated Success

Based on the success of the campaign, another revamp was done in November with NRL stars such as Brad Fittler and Greg Inglis teaming up with Snoop Dogg in the jingle, greeting even more extensive reach to the games large audience. This partnership between Menulog and The State of Origin has been cited as a marriage made in heaven, with the brand reporting the highest orders for any major sporting event, and the three-week series being among the best performing weeks ever recorded in the company. Who knew what a jingle could do?

Menulog subscribes to the 60/40 principle, allocating 60% of its resources to brand management and 40% to short term sales. Going big and bold is a tried and tested mantra that the brand constantly attests to, and they’re definitely willing to do whatever it takes to make them stand out. It is without a doubt an excellent marketing strategy that has been perfectly implemented, and the results speak for themselves. Investment is essential, and having the expertise to execute it is undoubtedly a recipe for success. 

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