Choosing an advertising agency – what are the different types?

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The success of your business depends on your marketing strategy, and while this is not everyone’s niche, it is an area that must be given the attention it deserves. Many businesses have tried unsuccessfully to run their own ad campaigns, and in desperation turn to Google in search of an advertising agency. Only to find that there are thousands of them. 

In this article, we explore the different types of advertising agencies in an effort to help you to narrow this field.

Full-Service Agency

This is your A to Z advertising agency that takes care of all your needs. If your business needs a hand in every aspect of marketing and advertising, this is the way for you to go. They normally incorporate both traditional and digital means and are the penultimate of the options that follow. From digital to traditional advertising, this team has all the resources to bring your business to life. 

Digital Advertising Agency

As the name suggests, these agencies focus on everything digital. Digital agencies know exactly how to use the tools provided by various networks to target an audience that’s specific to your need. They specialise in social media, email and content marketing as well as search engine optimisation and web design.

Traditional Advertising Agency

If your aim is to increase foot traffic by advertising within a certain geographic area, a traditional advertising agency may be just what you need. They’re more focused on traditional means of reach including print, television, broadcast and billboards, which are more effective in a specific location.

Social Media Advertising Agency

The niche here is focused more on content creation and advertisement optimisation. A social media advertising agency will take care of everything from your profile design to your blogs. If perhaps you’re running a big ad campaign and need to find an engaging, creative way of reaching an audience, these agencies usually come loaded with talent in videography, photography, and content. They know exactly how to reach the audience you’ve targeted. 

Creative boutiques

Perhaps your business prefers to keep track of its success and do their own ad placements, but lack the creativity and design expertise to bring this together. If so, a creativity boutique can offer these services at a fraction of the cost of a full-service agency. 

Media buying agency

This agency literally buys you space in optimal locations. This is the ideal option if all you’re looking for is maximum exposure once your advertising content has been created, and your target audience identified. When you think of a media buying agency, just think of ad placements.

Your advertising and marketing strategy should always be based on something that makes your business stand out from your competitors, but must also be relevant and effective. The agencies listed above all add value, but because the best things in life aren’t free, your selection will be based on a budget before anything else.  Businesses thrive on advertising, and investing in it is simply an investment in your business’s success. 

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